Christ Returns As A Victorious General: Part 3 of 3

Daniel 7:21-22
“I beheld, and the same horn (the anti-Christ) made war with the saints, and prevailed against them; The Ancient of days came, and judgment was given to the saints of the most High; and the time came that the saints possessed the kingdom.” When Jesus Christ returns, His victory will be so complete that His Judgment will be given to the Saints Most High. In other words, the court case of “The People of God vs. Satanic Enterprise,” the gavel of Jesus Christ comes down to give His Judgment to the People of God. The court orders damages to be awarded to the Saints including the possession of the Kingdom of God. And rightly so, there are numerous upon numerous human rights violations against those serving the One true God, against the Cross of Jesus Christ, and against the presence of the Holy Spirit that the only rightful Judgment was the restitution creating a New Heaven and New Earth for the Saints to possess. That court-ordered Judgment also included life imprisonment in the Lake of Fire for Satan, the anti-Christ, and all those who accept the mark-of -the-beast. The criminal organization of Satan is broken and Jesus Christ reigns eternal.

Revelation 19:11-21
“Now I saw heaven opened, and behold, a white horse. And He who sat on him was called Faithful and True, and in righteousness He judges and makes war.” In the Bible, the horse was always used in battle because of it’s strength, speed, and maneuverability. In today’s world, military generals are looking for vessels that have strength, speed, and maneuverability. A donkey, on the other hand, represented a congenial king. For example, when Jesus Christ rode into Jerusalem on the donkey, it symbolized his humble Kingship. And indeed, the masses were worshipping Him as a king during that triumphant entry. For example, a famous war general who rides on a float in a parade is very much different than a war general who comes riding in with tanks and fighter jets. Jesus Christ came to us peaceably on the earth to give every person the opportunity to make peace with God by accepting what He has done for us on the Cross. When He returns, the world will be so full of wickedness, violence, and evil, that He will be coming on a White Horse. He is riding a White Horse because He returns during the Battle of Armageddon to destroy the destruction caused by the anti-Christ and all who follow that deceiver. Jesus Christ is Faithful and True, He is coming soon, and in His Righteousness He judges and makes war.

“His eyes were like a flame of fire, and on His head were many crowns. He had a name written that no one knew except Himself. He was clothed with a robe dipped in blood, and His name is called The Word of God.” We know that the conquering General on the White Horse is Jesus Christ because He is called the Word of God and His Robe is dipped in Blood. Jesus Christ is the Word made flesh and He shed His Blood on the Cross to justify us in the eyes of His Father. No one really knows His Heavenly name, we only know His earthly name to be Jesus of Nazareth. God also says that each one who accepts what Jesus Christ has done for us on the Cross also has a name that only God knows, and that name is written in the Lamb’s Book of Life. In the New Jerusalem, we all have a new and Heavenly name! This General, that rides in on a White Horse, has eyes like a flame of fire and on His head is many crowns. The General, Jesus Christ, has Righteous Judgment burning hot in His eyes because He does not condone what He sees. He sees the atrocities being committed against those whose faith is placed in His Father, in His atoning work, and in the Holy Spirit. Jesus Christ has many Crowns on his head representing His Lordship over the spiritual world, the physical world, and every other world! Jesus Christ is the Lord of lords and King of kings. He is coming soon in total victory.

“And the armies in heaven, clothed in fine linen, white and clean, followed Him on white horses. Now out of His mouth goes a sharp sword, that with it He should strike the nations. And He Himself will rule them with a rod of iron. He Himself treads the winepress of the fierceness and wrath of Almighty God. And He has on His robe and on His thigh a name written: KING OF KINGS AND LORD OF LORDS.” The ten global kingdoms that the anti-Christ rules over is going to be powerfully outmatched at the coming of our Lord Jesus Christ. No matter how powerful the rulers serving under the anti-Christ think they are, when Jesus Christ returns they are going to see the KING OF KINGS AND LORD OF LORDS.

Not only are they going to see the King of kings and Lord of lords in the forefront, but the armies in Heaven will be following their General who sits on the white horse. Those armies are totally unblemished from any stain that might be caused by the god of knowledge or any element within the system of the anti-Christ! These are armies in Heaven, clothed in fine linen, white and clean. Jesus Christ and all the armies in Heaven come to bring liberation to His people and to completely destroy the anti-Christ and all his followers. It will be the General on the white horse, Jesus Christ Himself, who brings the fierceness and wrath of the Almighty God. He will strike the ten global nations with a sharp two-edged sword that comes from His mouth. Remember, it is in the power of His Word that He heals the sick, calms the storms, cast out demons, and created the world. With all the power of His Word coming from His mouth, NOW from His mouth comes a sharp two-edged sword to destroy the destruction in the world. It is Jesus Christ who will rule the nations with a rod of iron, and the anti-Christ will have no part in it! The anti-Christ’s part is in the eternal Lake of Fire!

“Then I saw an angel standing in the sun; and he cried with a loud voice, saying to all the birds that fly in the midst of heaven, “Come and gather together for the supper of the great God, that you may eat the flesh of kings, the flesh of captains, the flesh of mighty men, the flesh of horses and of those who sit on them, and the flesh of all people, free and slave, both small and great.” The anti-Christ honors the god of force, but the flesh of horses are going to be eaten by all the birds that fly in the midst of heaven. This is like saying, all the strength, maneuverability, and power of his forces are going to picked apart and totally destroyed. Along with the anti-Christ’s “horses,” the birds will be eating the flesh of the anti-Christ’s kings, and captains, and mighty men, and the flesh of all people, free and slave, both small and great! In other words, the floods of people who bought into the system of anti-Christ are going to see exactly who the King of kings and Lord of lords is! Jesus Christ is to be welcomed into our spirit and soul, and the anti-Christ is to have no place in our life.  “For God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten Son, that whosoever believes in Him should not perish but have eternal life.”

“And I saw the beast, the kings of the earth, and their armies, gathered together to make war against Him who sat on the horse and against His army. Then the beast was captured, and with him the false prophet who worked signs in his presence, by which he deceived those who received the mark of the beast and those who worshiped his image. These two were cast alive into the lake of fire burning with brimstone. And the rest were killed with the sword which proceeded from the mouth of Him who sat on the horse. And all the birds were filled with their flesh.” The false prophet is like a lamb as far as speaking words of peace, tolerance, unity, globalism, prosperity, etc. BUT, totally sets aside the One True God, the Message of the Cross of Christ, and the presence of the Holy Spirit. This lamb, this false prophet, has made the anti-Christ his god by accepting the modern god of knowledge, accepting the 666, accepting the mark-of-the-beast. The fate of that false prophet is the same fate as the anti-Christ, to be cast into the eternal Hell, the Lake of Fire.

Jesus Christ is coming soon!

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