Ten Kingdoms Of The Anti-Christ Are Here

British People Petition To Accept WTO Offer On Brexit Deal

This is how real the development of the ten kingdoms of the New World Order are! First, this is major, major, Bible Prophecy of the formation of the ten global kingdoms, which the anti-Christ will rule over! Map of Ten Global Kingdoms Under these ten kingdoms, Great Britain is part of what they call the British Commonwealth of Nations! Great Britain is not destined to be part of the European Union (EU), in fact the EU does not exist in the ten kingdoms of the NWO.

There is a “grass roots” movement saying to take whatever deal that the WTO (World Trade Organization) gives Great Britain in leaving the European Union! The WTO will be one of the organizations involved in governing all the ten kingdoms.The grass roots movement has enough power to influence the success of Brexit (Great Britain’s Leaving the EU). Of course, we know that power comes through the modern god of knowledge that cleaves to the flesh! The god of knowledge is a component of the 666 on the head, the computer implant chip will be the 666 on the hand.

NOW GET THIS: Great Britain says that after their successful split from the EU, they will be able to compete economically! HOW? GET THIS, they will make a new trade agreement with AUSTRALIA! Now, guess what!? Australia is part of the kingdom of the British Commonwealth of Nations! The ten kingdoms as dictated by the NWO and WTO is happening! The anti-Christ is on the horizon to rule over these ten kingdoms, but we have a promise from the One True God that our Salvation is in what Christ Jesus did for us on the Cross.

NOW GET THIS: Guess who else Great Britain is relying on to negotiate a smooth transition to their perspective kingdom? The USA. Again, the USA is seen as the negotiator and military enforcer of solidifying the ten global kingdoms. Just like the USA is involved in bringing peace among North and South Korea and China! (The United Republics of China)

At the appearing of the anti-Christ, our hope is in the Rapture, with ardent prayers for Israel who signs a peace accord with the treacherous anti-Christ during the Great Tribulation. Please, believe in your heart and confess with your mouth that Jesus Christ is Lord.

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