News Article: Female Police Officer Trespasses In An Apartment and Kills The Real Resident

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    2. This link describes a victim whose Temple is filled with Spirit of Christ
    A female police officer, who was off-duty, walks into an apartment that is not hers and shoots the real inhabitant of the apartment. She explains that she thought the apartment was hers, and when she walked into the apartment and saw a man there, she shot and killed him. This is a tragedy that is happening on a field of spiritual warfare everyday, and it is every bit as deadly! We are the Temple of God whose spirit, soul, and mind is filled with treasures from the Kingdom of God by what Christ has done for us on the Cross. There are powers of this world that insist on entering into that Temple by seizing control over our heart and mind. They use force that is deadly to our relationship to God, the Son, and Holy Ghost….and it is physically deadly! It will be very interesting to see what punishment the female police officer will receive for entering an apartment and killing the rightful resident. Knowing the demonic warfare taking place to seize control over the Temple of God, we can expect with horror that what this police officer has done will not solicit a harsh punishment. Satan wants to instill fear in those who seek to make God the resident of the soul through the Cross of His Son Jesus Christ. The anti-Christ desires to sit in the Temple of God as God, and we are steadily inching forward into the era of the system of the anti-Christ and the Great Tribulation. Jesus Christ is coming soon! 

The House of God is to be furnished with the furnishings that flow from the Kingdom of God. That means God is the rightful resident of the House, His Son Jesus Christ accepts our application for tenancy when we accept the agreement at the Cross, and the Holy Ghost adorns the House. The modern god of this technological age is waging warfare to seize control over the House of God. That modern god is the instrument of the anti-Christ, empowered by Satan, and carries through with it’s warfare through demonic activity. Jesus Christ is coming soon! It is very obvious that there is a campaign to eliminate notions of a Living God who dwells within the soul, spirit, and mind. The anti-Christ needs to kill the belief in a living God in order to become God in the Temple of God. The anti-Christ needs to steal the infilling of the Holy Ghost because the Holy Ghost brings righteousness and judgment against anything in the Temple that is not of the Kingdom of God. The anti-Christ needs to destroy the Message of the Cross that brings grace, deliverance, and freedom from sin. What Christ did for us on the Cross puts sin into remission, which is anything that separates us from God, which includes the modern god of this technological age. At the Cross is where we receive the infilling of the Holy Ghost, and at the Cross is where the Temple of God is reconciled back to God.

Let’s be separate from the ways of the world and the desires of the flesh. When carnal things preoccupy our lifestyle, then Satan will use this to control your words and behaviors by the modern god of this technological age. That is how the anti-Christ will seize control over the Temple of God. Jesus Christ is coming soon!

Let’s believe in our heart and confess with our mouth that Jesus is Lord! No one is perfect, which is the same as saying that we are all sinners. We all know someone whose life has been changed by what Christ has done for us on the cross. Jesus Christ has changed my life when I accepted what He has done for me at the Cross. Confess those things above and believe in your heart those things and you will be right with God. The Temple of God will be reconciled back to God when you confess with your mouth and believe in your heart that Jesus is Lord!

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The police officer was a white woman, the murdered victim was a black man of age 26. As of today, they are seeking manslaughter charges and are calling in the Texas Rangers.

click here to read about Texas Rangers request to “Hold off” arrest warrant 

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