Diminishing A Full Measure

The word “fault,” in the text used for this essay, carries the interpretation of, “Diminishing what should have been given full measure.” Some people will diminish something that should have been given in full measure. For example, a person promises to repay a loan of $100, but instead only repays $1. Alternatively, someone borrows a hammer and only returns the handle, etc. In that light, people diminish what should have been given in full measure. Things like that, people feeling defrauded, is exactly what leads to arguments, fights, law suits, murders, and interpersonal strife of every type. When ill-intended people begin to diminish the fruitful intentions of your heart, soul, and mind, the full measure of all you would hope to do or say is short-changed! It changes everything that you are or would hope to be.

The full measure of the Living God is diminished to the point where it is difficult to decipher what someone means when they say God. Some automatically think of the “Universe,” modern technology, self, ego, people as gods, political systems as gods, science etc. The powers and authority of this world, as well as a focus on self, is becoming more important than the full measure given to us by the Living God. Diminishing the Character of the Living God happens simultaneously with disrespect and abhorrence for the Message of the Cross and the indwelling of the Holy Ghost. Only through the Cross of Christ and the infilling of the Holy Ghost can we know the full measure of God. People rest more on their own worldly efforts than they rest in the fullness of God’s Grace, Mercy, Peace, Love, Faithfulness, and Endurance. Some call it egotistical, while others see it as loyalty to the modern god of this technological era. In this modern era, the fulness of God is diminished to the point of disrespect and rebellion towards any authority not falling in line with the modern and global agenda. The Children of God feel diminished to the point of persecution as the fulness of God dwindles from the ways within the world.

Diminishing the full measure of God’s character is to diminish His Peace, Love, Joy, and Faithfulness. The world is becoming embroiled with violence, conflict, hatred, rage, pessimism, sadness, betrayals, and fatal endings! Satan is causing people to murder one another in unheard of proportions and tactics. We suffer health risks; there is violence at home, school, work, and Church, and the community is full of chaos and rage. Personal ego and allegiance to the modern technological god has diminished the fulness of God’s blessing towards the whosoever. There is nothing to restrain sin as the Holy Ghost is blasphemed! Satan is stealing, killing, and destroying the fullness of God due to unbelief in the Living God and desires of the flesh. Identifying with the God who has a Son named Jesus Christ is being diminished in favor of the modern god of this technological age. Without faithfulness to God’s plan for the whosoever, then all faithfulness to a noble humanitarian cause will be diminished, and the fulness of God’s Love will be ignored. In today’s age, the fulness of God is being stolen by lies originating from many sources, including the diminished preaching and teaching within the Church. Lies diminish the fulness of the Gospel Message. The Church struggles to recall the meaning of the Message of the Cross and the indwelling of the Holy Ghost. Modern society covets to be equal with God, but they steal God’s plan of eternal life for the whosoever, coveting the materialism and welfare of this world.

From the Cross of Christ flows the fulness of God! Christ nailed to the Cross all concepts of self, ego, desires for materialism, and all self- efforts of redemption. Anything that is not born of the Spirit is flesh, and that flesh is nailed to the Cross to give birth to the Spirit. A message that appeals to the ways of this world diminishes the fulness of what Christ did for us on the Cross! To be born of the Spirit is for the whosoever and worldwide, making the Message of the Cross universal for all. Materialism, cars, homes, education, prestige, honors, money, family, friends, etc. are not signs of being born again! The Gospel message is for the outcast, the poor, the lonely, the despised, the broken-hearted, the hurting, the rejected, those beat down…for the WHOSOEVER! Any message other than that God gave His only Son so that whosoever believes in Him will not perish but have eternal life diminishes the fulness of God. As we accept that Christ’s death on the Cross puts our sin in remission, then we will experience the infilling of the Fruit of the Holy Ghost. We will experience the fulness of the Spirit of God’s Love for the whosoever! By the Spirit of God that resurrected Jesus Christ from the dead, our spirit will also be resurrected into the fulness of God’s Spirit. To diminish the Message of the Cross is to reject the fulness of the born again experience.

“Now therefore there is utterly a fault among you, because ye go to law one with another. Why do ye not rather take wrong? why do ye not rather suffer yourselves to be defrauded?”          1 Corinthians 6:7

Most of us agree that no one is perfect, and that is the same as confessing that we are all sinners. There is only one more thing to believe and we will be reconciled to God! We all know someone whose life has been transformed by what Christ did on the Cross for the remission of sin. Confess that and you are reconciled to God. We are all sinners and the what Christ did for us on the Cross is the answer! Believe in your heart and confess with your mouth that Jesus is Lord!

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