Satan’s Work Carries A Heavy Burden but Christ’s Yoke Is Light

We live in times when the powers of this world are working to globalize beliefs into an harmonized effort. Words such as “tolerance” for all people of the world is more important than all religions of the world. There is no recognition of an universal God. There is no effort for the remission of sin, just a lot of psychology and the distribution of prescription drugs. The Spirit is being murdered in exchange for a more secular and worldly viewpoint. Howbeit, for this to happen, there has to be people working in the effort to eradicate religion from the heart and soul of the people. Not just government workers, but also people working in community agencies, as workplace managers, employees, and in everyday going about in the community. Here in America, there is the effort to push aside the One true God and to oppress the Message of the Cross of Christ. The Message of the Cross is not even heard in the Churches. The demonic workers harass those who have removed themselves from the works of this world to refuse to be a part of the cult persecuting dissenters. 

Because God is internal, which the flag of the United States represents, the workers of the world has a heavy workload upon themselves. Every time that those worldly workers perceive the Holy Spirit in somebody, which represents remission of sin, they have to be on the attack. Verbal attacks are very common to belittle what the Cross of Christ stands for. It is constant. Satan wants to destroy the Temple of God by stealing the fruit of the Spirit from dwelling within. Satan wants to kill God’s internal dwelling and turn His Temple into the dwelling place of a godless and global indoctrination. Satan wants to steal the Message of the Cross to keep people wallowing in sin and separated from the presence of God’s Spirit. The demonic work of this world exasperates the Spirit’s blossoms in Satan’s helpers. Satan will not allow any of the Spirit’s fruit as rewards. The demonic work is filled with harsh and cruel conflict on a constant pace. The feeds of the News Media attests to that! The demonic work does not allow for social fellowship that brings about the fruit of God’s Spirit. They are constantly on guard to always honor the internal presence of the global “god.” They are purposed to disprove the presence of God as they demand respect to themselves in place of God. For the workers of this world to “become” something is to bar God from entry into the House while counting others as “nothing” who reverence the Temple of God. 

There is rest from the burdens that Satan places on those who work to attack the presence of God in this world. That rest is given to us from the cross of Christ. The yoke of Christ on us is for the purpose of keeping sin from escalating in this world. This yoke allows the Holy Spirit to work in us in the power of God’s love, mercy, and compassion for the whosoever. There is no aggressive harshness towards others and no demonic pride to make us think that we are some sort of god in this world. We have rest because we know the presence of God in us, where we humble ourselves, and discover peace with those for whom Christ died for on the Cross. We experience the Joy of the Lord to be set apart from Satan’s cruel ways of the world. God presents Himself as meek and humble towards us by sending His Son to die on the Cross to reconcile the world to Himself. 

“Come unto me, all ye that labor and are heavy laden, and I will give you rest. Take my yoke upon you, and learn of me; for I am meek and lowly in heart: and ye shall find rest unto your souls. For my yoke is easy, and my burden is light.”                Matthew 11:28-30

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