Bright and Morning Star

On my bicycle ride to Church on Sunday morning, to work, I saw the bright and morning star. The skies were a very clear “morning blue” at around 6:00 a.m. I looked up and there it was…a bright star against the soft blue background…it was a beautiful sight. I believe it is the planet Venus. I thought of my Aunt whose spirit would shine like that bright and morning star. She had cancer, with the bald head and all the treatments that go with it. She went from a cursed probability of death to overcoming the illness, having it put completely in remission. She went from the obvious gloom, and attempt to be optimistic amidst the despair, to a very inward sense of joy. The bright morning star shines brightly in the early morning sky after the darkness of the night. That was my Aunt, she went from the darkness of the shadow of death to shining like the bright and morning star.

Terrible, horrible, and cursed events in our life is a morning with quite a different type of star. To wake up one morning and to know our life is changed for the worse crushes our spirit, soul, and body. Satan is that “morning star,” and it was the morning of the fall of humanity that we have been cursed with disease, illness, age, and physical corruption. Howbeit, Jesus is the “Bright and Morning Star,” He outshines every star and will not allow our spirit and soul to be defeated by the curse of sin. My Aunt’s Satanic morning star of cancer was put into remission, she discovered in her spirit a bright morning star. When we look to the Cross of Christ, we discover the remission of our sinful nature to make us overcomers while we are yet riddled with the curse of illness, disease, and age. As we reunite in our fellowship with the Spirit of God, the Bright and Morning Star appears and shines in the Spirit. We are set apart from the crushing blow of the “morning star” because we now live in Christ who is the Bright Morning Star that outshines them all.

We begin with the “morning star”, and end with the Bright Morning Star.
Isaiah 14:12 “the morning star” as Satan
Revelation 22:16 Jesus is the “Bright Morning Star”

“I Jesus have sent mine angel to testify unto you these things in the churches. I am the root and the offspring of David, and the bright and morning star.”
Revelation 22:16


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