Satan’s Grace Destroys but God’s Grace Redeems

I had a lesson recently on the true meaning of grace in comparison to just letting people destroy themselves in the name of grace. I woke one morning and noticed I had a blurriness in my eye that I couldn’t squint out or rub out. I made an eye doctor appointment, which was a two month wait. Meanwhile, I had to renew my driver license just two days before the eye appointment. Being blind as a bat in my right eye, the person doing my eye test at the driver license bureau passed me on my eye exam. I was thinking, Oh my gosh, how many are on the roads with a physical defect that is overlooked by these examiners?! Very dangerous, deadly, reckless, and irresponsible! Satan’s lie of grace is like that, let people live in their sin and call it grace, regardless of the destruction it causes. Well, I go to the eye doctor and the doctor verifies that I have a film over my eye and that is why I cannot see. She said that it could be remedied with corrective lenses. When I received my glasses, I still was not able to see from my right eye. The idea of grace is not to make people suffer in their defects, but God’s grace is to put into remission the tragic consequences of the defects of sin.

From within us flow the sin nature of our fallen state. Separation from the Spirit of God causes a lot of emotional and mental suffering that leads to substance abuse and other such dilemmas. Satan’s version of grace does not seek a spiritual healing, but cites some sort of human tendency in some people towards mental and emotional instability. Therefore, there is no healing but only the application of drugs and psychology. That is like a half-blind person driving a car on public roadways. Satan’s version of grace cites the repeat nature of offenders committing crime in order to cease and desist attempts of spiritual healing. They are pumped full of medications and psychology as they continue living life in cages of sin that travel our highways and byways. Society is crammed full with a sin problem that is piling up and not going away, and God is rejected, and the Message of the Cross is oppressed. Satan’s version of grace has no more respect for the worth of human life than he does for the Grace of God shown to us through the Cross of His Son. The use of prescription drugs are at an all time high as people attempt to use substances to eliminate the causes of sin.

When Christ gave His life on the Cross, He defeated Satan. Satan’s gross interpretation of grace is designed to do nothing except to steal redemption, kill the born again experience, and to destroy God’s plan for us. God’s Grace is to give life and give it more abundantly by building a relationship with Him through what His Son did at the Cross. We do not have to drive around in life being half-blind spiritually and thinking that worldly solutions such as “eye-glasses” will solve the nature of sin in us. The message of the Cross opens our eyes that every single person has internal sin, and Satan would have every single person on some type of drug and seeing a psychologist every week. God explains that the nature of sin is not solved with drugs and psychology, but is solved when there is a remission of sin within our soul and spirit. Substances and psychology treat the flesh but not he Spirit, and God is Spirit. The Cross of Christ reconciles us to the Spirit of God, as we no longer live by the flesh, but we live according to the indwelling of the Holy Spirit. We come apart from the world where the flesh, the sin nature, and Satan seeks to steal, kill, and destroy by a false interpretation of grace.

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