Heat From the Cross

“It’s hot!” Are the words I heard from an acquaintance I know at the Church where I work as a janitor. He was standing outside in the hot sun of 90 degree weather. My reply was, “Heat from the Cross is good!” I replied that way because I realize that the only time they are concerned about me riding my bicycle is when they think I might be feeling physical discomfort. It is not that they want to offer me a ride in their air conditioned cars, they never do! It is their way of suggesting that if I decide that I need them for the comforts of material things, then I need to look at them as the provider of all good things. In other words, they want me to throw away my desire for the remission of sin by the Cross of Christ and let them be the other “Jesus” to meet my material needs. Howbeit, I can take the heat from following the way of the Cross because I know that the Fire of the Holy Spirit is there with the heat.

If you or I ever feel the heat coming from the Cross of Christ then say “Hallelujah!” because the Fire of the Holy Spirit will be coming on you and me. Anybody who wants you to look at them as the other “Jesus” are not focusing on the remission of sin. The only reason they want authority over your behavior is to steal, kill, and destroy everything that God gives us through the sacrifice of His Son. They are under the influence of Satan the Anti-Christ. The Fire of the Holy Spirit purges us from the nature of sin. They practice reconciliation to themselves and not reconciliation to the Spirit of God. The Spirit of God includes God’s love, mercy, grace, kindness, goodwill, and perseverance towards the whosoever. Reconciliation to their materialistic “Jesus” is the evil spirit of elitism, bullying, isolation, disparagement, conflict, intimidation, and every ungodly way towards those born of the Cross of Christ. We take the heat and the Holy Spirit is there with us. We are to remain separate from the other “Jesus” and their followers, separate by the Message of the Cross of the real Jesus, the Son of God. The Children of God take the heat from the sinful nature of the world, it’s demonic, but the Fire of the Holy Spirit is there to comfort and empower our spirit from day to day.

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