Nailed It On the Cross

In order to be able to “nail it” relating to our spiritual life, we have to have a spiritual life. It could be that our thoughts are filled with things that put us in harsh conflict with the meek and gentle Spirit. There are also a lot of things that our hands find to do that is for a lot of selfish reasons that put us in conflict with the Spirit of love. Also, the places we go may not be of a healthy relationship with the Spirit, but might be motivated by things that are not very good, and without faithfulness to the Spirit. If we want to “nail it” in our spiritual life, we have to nail down the unspiritual things to give life to the things of the Spirit.

Unspiritual things are from the sin nature. Sin in our thoughts, what we do, and where we go that proclaims our unbelief in God. So much so that we even begin to create philosophies, politics, humanitarian “goodness,” and other real good excuses to be more important than a real God. Not “Nailing it! “We even begin to speak badly of God stemming from our thoughts, in the things we do, and within the places where we go. When people in authority make decisions in opposition to our personal god, we dishonor them with very disrespectful behavior. Not “Nailing it!” Unfortunately, protests, riots, and violence breaks out as we hurt one another from the sin nature that is not able to “nail it” spiritually. Domestic chaos is at alarming rates in individual homes because what we think, do, and where we go is not “nailing it” for the family. People don’t seem to respect the things of others…they disrespect other’s thoughts, what they do, and the places they go. People steal other people’s thoughts, ideas, actions, and itinerary because they don’t like their own…NOT “NAILING IT!”

Christ “nailed it!” He nailed it to the Cross. He took our sinful nature and nailed it to the Cross. The three inch thorns that drove through His flesh, scratching His skull, was to nail the thought of sin to the Cross. He puts in remission the thoughts and intellectual knowledge that separates us from the knowledge of God His Father. The spikes that were driven into His hands served to nail to the Cross the sinful nature of the things we do. Christ puts into remission the humanitarian efforts that are not humane to His Father. The single spike that drove His feet against the Cross was to nail the sinful nature of our motivation. Christ Jesus puts into remission the places we go that separate us from going places with God. We are to separate ourselves from the world; to separate ourselves from knowledge that does not think of God, to separate ourselves from “good deeds” that does not love God, and to separate ourselves from going places where God is not wanted. That is “Nailing it!”


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