“You Haven’t Chose Me, I Chose You”

Being chosen for something can be a time of nervous anticipation. Such as being chosen to attend a college that was applied for, or being chosen for a promotion at work, or being chosen by an employer amidst many job applicants. Howbeit, there is another form of being chosen, such as in being admitted to a hospital. That is definitely not a picture that brings delight, but it is an incident where the hospital staff might say, “you haven’t chose me, I chose you.” The first group of examples of being chosen are based on our own merits or qualifications, but the hospital example is an incident of the sick needing unmerited help. If a person is laying unconscious on the pavement from a sickness or injury, the hospital automatically takes them in to save a life and to restore health. The hospital chooses the whosoever. So it is with our spiritual life! In the sickness of our spirit, we are not able to choose God, but He chooses us to bring us to His Hospital called Redemption.

The Garden of Eden was a beautiful place where there was perfect health relating to humanity’s fellowship with God. However, the deception of Satan brought sin into the world due to disobedience to what God desires for us. Sin sickness plagues the world!

The spirit and soul of every person fell sick with worshipping worldly things, creating many ideas of God, saying terrible things about the Creator, disrespecting parents and authority, violence towards others, sexual perversion, unfaithfulness, stealing, lying,  and desiring the things of others. It was then that God chose us while we were not in a condition to choose God. God began to build field hospitals to stop the spread of the disease. By merit, qualifications, and seeking recovery by requirements of admittance, humanity began to kill lambs, bulls, goats, heifers, doves, etc. to please God. God would provide His own Lamb, His Son Jesus Christ, who sacrificed His life on the Cross to put an end to admittance requirements.

God chose the world, the whosoever, to enter into His Hospital of Redemption. God chose us while we were still too sick to choose Him. God reconciles the world to Himself through the Cross of Christ. As Christ lives in us, sin is in remission and we recuperate in a way that our fellowship with the Spirit of God is restored. Our spiritual health is made alive again! We bear the fruit of the love, faithfulness, gentleness, and perseverance of the Holy Spirit. In God’s Spirit, through the blood of Jesus Christ, we bring fruit by the message of deliverance to a sick and spiritually injured world.  

“You have not chose me, but I have chose you, and ordained you, that you should go and bring forth fruit, and that your fruit should remain: that whatsoever ye shall ask of the Father in my name, he may give it you.”
John 15:16

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