Peace and Love From Different Angles

Peace and love has different meanings according to who you are or what you stand for. Martin Luther King Jr. wanted peace and love for all those who were abused in society. He was assassinated and also won the Nobel Peace Prize. President John F Kennedy wanted peace and love to solve the unrest in the Nation at that time. He too was assassinated, and referred to as America’s most beloved President. The “Flower Power” movement wanted peace and love in a way that removed them from all the conflict in the world during that time. Upon their culture was the shadow of death. Their culture was infected with drugs, sex, alcohol, social withdrawal, and music determined to be Satanic. As we know, peace and love is associated with civil rights movements, political agendas, and those simply trying to live without having a movement or agenda. The spirit of humanity wants to know what love is, wants to know what peace is.

Moses also wanted to lead his people in a similar way as Martin Luther King Jr., President John F Kennedy, and the “Flower Power” people. They were suffering civil rights violations, political persecution, as well as trying to keep themselves set apart from conflict and harsh clashes. Moses led millions of his people out of the captivity of Satan’s bondage into a place where they were free to worship God. Moses died before entering the Promised Land. One greater than Moses would come into the world to break the bondage of sin and to reunite us to fellowship with God. He laid down His life, but His death didn’t win the Nobel Peace Prize, but did more than any winner of the Nobel Peace Prize could ever do! His death brought the offering of salvation to the world. Christ Jesus was the Lamb of God whose shed blood on Calvary’s Cross would reunite us with the Spirit of God. By God’s love for the world we have His peace by the remission of sin. The remission of misplaced faith in political gods, the remission of Satan’s oppression, and the remission of addictions, vices, and lusts.

We are set apart from the world as we abide in Christ. We do not engage in foolish arguments over which political party has the answer to peace and love, because God’s peace and love is at the Cross of Christ. We do not have to fight for civil rights because all social justice comes to us through the shed blood of Jesus where God’s peace and love is found. We need to stand firm in our right to serve God by the way of the Cross. We do not need sex, drugs, alcohol, and Satanic vices to separate us from the world because sanctification flows from the Lamb of God. We are set apart from the world through the Spirit of God’s peace and love given to us by the sacrifice of His Son’s blood.

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