Demonic Attacks On Children and Birthday Parties

I received both of these news articles on the same day; 33 Infected By Feces at Birthday Party and Six Children Stabbed at Birthday Party. Birthday parties are the next best thing to Christmas because the spirit of the occasion is full of giving and receiving. There is laughter, smiles, sharing together, and overall harmonic interactions. It is all fun and games…then out of nowhere children begin to be stabbed by a madman with a knife….or they start falling over with extreme sickness. These attacks are demonic! Satan attacks the Temple of God, our body, by affecting us mentally, emotionally, and spiritually. Targeting children is a demonic way of inciting anger, outrage, and violence to stir chaos and confusion in the neighborhoods. Satan wants us to curse God, to curse God’s Son, and to curse the Holy Spirit. With negativity sprouts an evil spirit, but within positivity is a step towards God’s Spirit.

When we set ourselves apart from the world, sometimes that means less parties and less social “get-togethers.”  But it also means we separate ourselves from the sin nature of worldly ways. What happened at the above mentioned birthday parties sprouts from the nature of sin. All of our relationships with others should be rooted in Christ Jesus. That’s because what He did by shedding His blood on the Cross is to bring remission to sin. Sin such as the kind that violently disrupted the birthday parties. That remission of sin brings our soul and spirit into fellowship with God’s Spirit. A birthday party full of God’s love, peace, faithfulness, and perseverance is something we should desire. My prayer is that we would come apart from the world, without any desire to belong to it, because the world doesn’t know God and rejects the Cross of Christ.

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