Reviving Something New from the Old

We spend a lot of time “breathing new life” into old stuff. A person finds a “classic” car covered with rust and the engine is filled with cobwebs. After the restoration of the body and rebuilding the engine the comment is made, “that car has spirit.”  Several television reality shows makes series of taking old things that are broken and falling apart and restoring them. Such as homes, and the remodeled project is more beautiful and more valuable than ever before. Television commercials advise us to put off the stained teeth, bald head, failing body, and old frown and put on a new you with bright teeth, lots of hair, restored health, and be happy again. Most importantly, our spirit can experience renewal even though our physical appearance changes little. The “Scrooge” is an excellent example of the miserly flesh experiencing a resurrection of a loving and generous spirit.

Only by the crucifixion of Christ on the Cross can we experience the resurrection. The sin of the flesh is like the old condition of the things we wish to restore. The sin is like the worries of the rust, cobwebs, brokenness, failing, and unwanted appearances that overtakes the flesh. The worries of the flesh separates us from the Spirit of God. When the old condition of the flesh is removed, we can put on the resurrection of the Spirit. A resurrected Spirit will have fellowship with God’s love, peace, faithfulness, and perseverance towards humanity for the resurrection of their souls. Christ in us puts to death all the things of the flesh that separates us from God so that we can live in newness of a Spirit-filled life. The resurrection of our Spiritual fellowship with God is a sign of the literal resurrection that we will experience in the New Jerusalem. We quit contributing decay to the Temple of God, we welcome Christ to regulate our internal behavior, and we live daily by the shed blood of the Lamb for remission of sin. We praise and worship God in Spirit because God is Spirit, and we generate newness within the energy of the Message of Cross.

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