“Saved By A Dollar”

I went shopping at Dollar General and I saw an individual from the Church where I work, he was standing in line at the registers. Apparently, he was asking for a specific item and after the conversation with the two female cashiers he walked back through the aisles. It was then that we acknowledged each other with courteous hellos and wishes for a good day. Him being in the store and being attentive to me is the thrust of this paragraph. I walked up to one of the female cashiers, attending the register, who touched my hand gently as she received the money, and she smiled very appealingly. I gave her two one dollar bills, but I quickly let her know that I had a quarter and would not need to use one of the other bills. The other female cashier chimed in and said, “Saved by a dollar!” I responded, “I like to think of that in a different way.”

The Church member in the store heard and saw the reactions of the two female cashiers. Their reactions was to walk away from me, and away from the registers, as they turned their backs to me and frowned. Their reactions were very, very, significant as a testimony to the Church member who heard and saw all of this. The reactions of the cashiers revealed that they knew that I was referring to salvation of the spirit and soul by the blood shed at the Cross by Christ Jesus. Without a doubt, there is a conscious effort by Satan to attack, persecute, and undermine the Children of God. I believe this incident is going to speak volumes to that Church member. With me, Satan uses the lusts of the eyes, flesh, and the pride of life as he attempts to make sexually appealing girls more important than fellowship with God.

The remission of sins translates into the remission of lusts and pride that leads to the persecution of those born from the Message of the Cross. This is why Christ’s crucifixion on the Cross is so important to understand referring to the abating of our sinful nature. Through Christ, we have access into the presence of God where we are filled with God’s love, goodness, faithfulness, and perseverance for the salvation of others. The Law of the Spirit of life in Christ has set me free from the Law of sin and death.

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