Send In the Backups

An ole quote that I remember is, “Behind every good man is a better woman.” Today, many might say that women have leaped-frogged, almost overnight, into places of very powerful positions. Then again, many women will say they have not received the recognition and status that they deserve. Often, in sports, a star first-string player will go on the sidelines due to an injury or discipline of some type. The substitute comes in and seems to play not “just as well” but superbly. The substitute becomes better known than the original player, but without the increase in salary and commercial contracts. Sometimes, our spiritual qualities, inspirations, knowledge, and insight is the driving force behind those receiving the recognition. School children know this all too well. One student has the educational talent to get A’s and helps the fellow friends to obtain the correct answers. Not really cheating, just the un-recognized “tutor” behind the scene that gets friends through the difficult tests.

Why do people refer to Paul, the ex-Pharisee and Roman citizen, as the Apostle Paul? An Apostleship was initially reserved for twelve who witnessed the life of Christ personally. They witnessed His miracles, death, and resurrection. Paul witnessed none of that, but is the most influential person in shaping the Church today. Influential as far as written scripture goes; making known the message of grace, justification by faith, and the importance of the crucifixion of Christ. Why was this unofficial substitute, the one plus the twelve, so very important? Because Paul knew personally what the shed blood of Christ could do to atone for the most dastardly of sins, the murder and persecution of those who looked to Christ as their Savior. Paul’s sinful nature was put into remission to allow God’s spirit to work in his life. He is quoted as saying, “For the Law of the Spirit of Life in Christ has set me free from the law of sin and death.” It makes no difference how other people see our status, or proper position in relationship to others. The only thing that matters is that we look to what Christ has done for us on the Cross. Through Christ in us, God will use us in ways that will exceed the worldly standards and policies of this world.

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