Where Could I Go?

Homeless is an experience I’ve had at the same time I was experiencing a spiritual rebirth. I worked six years as a home health aid for individuals with disabling disabilities. I feel joy to be able to do service for others. I saved my money and bought a Harley Davidson, meaning I compromised with the world and it paid well materially. I sold it three years later and bought a new Ford Ranger because I desired a domestic lifestyle. I was let go from that place of employment just after 3 months of letting go of the worldly compromises. The only place that hired me in was a drug-infested and socially rebellious factory. God set me apart from their worldly ways as I continued my prayers for spiritual life. I made a remark that if anyone is absent from work we could check the News of Records in the newspaper and find their names there. At least I was working 40 hours to the week, but that factory was closed down permanently. Eventually, I went to Nurse Aid school and achieved my State Certification. I was once again able to be a provider of compassionate care to others. But the working hours was part time and even fewer. I was not making enough money to pay my rent, maintain my truck, nor pay other bills. I found myself in a homeless shelter until the Veterans Administration began a mission to gather all homeless Vets from out of homeless shelters. There were 2 Vets besides me in the public shelter of nine people. I maintained my spiritual desire to live in the spirit of love, faith, peace, and perseverance. Although I had no earthly home, I always had a home within God’s love, kindness, and mercy towards me.

Homelessness is also an epidemic worldwide, which involves refugees from war, people seeking refuge from poverty and oppression, those seeking to cross the borders into America, and within the United States the homeless problem is brought to light by “tent cities.” People having no home is a result of a world and society being torn apart by the consequences of sin. When the sin problem is resolved, we know it in our heart of the home we have with our brothers and sisters. Some people refuse to belong to motorcycle groups because they prefer a more domesticated lifestyle. Satan throws God’s children into the wilds of the world, but through the Cross of Christ we defeat Satan in this world that we cannot call home. Within our own heart, we feel the remission of sin to give life to the Spirit where we have fellowship with God. By God’s Spirit of peace, joy, love, kindness, and goodwill we survive the world. While in this world, we have no home to call our own, but God, through the atonement made by Christ on the Cross, assures us of a place in the New Jerusalem. We are set apart from this world in expectation of the home that God has prepared for us through the mortgage paid by Christ at the cross.

“In my Father’s house are many mansions: if it were not so, I would have told you. I go to prepare a place for you. And if I go and prepare a place for you, I will come again, and receive you unto myself; that where I am, there ye may be also.”
John 14:2-3

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