Spirituality Has No Need For the Church In The Future

Many, many people can claim that through their internal spiritual compass, they have come to know mental and emotional comfort leading to productive physical behaviors. Which means they have separated themselves from issues causing mental and emotional illness resulting in unstable behaviors. After all, a person cannot be a part of something by which their internal values collide. They claim spiritual peace of their inner self, meaning that they separate themselves from harsh and aggressive violence. However, they do have a social agenda; which is that love, acceptance, and belonging is for all people regardless of their vices, addictions, and social predispositions. These same people are also very adamant in their opposition to God who seeks to cleanse our spirit. They want to make the world a better place, according to their own ideology, but they do not allow people to realize their inner identity through the One Creator.  Their graciousness towards whatever it is that you are genetically prone to is their idea of Heaven on Earth, no Church is needed!

Oddly enough, cigarette smoking seems to be the one addiction that is not somehow related to genetics. In our society today, you must quit smoking! Meanwhile, it is said  mental and emotional illnesses are because of genetics, people are said to be predisposed to specific thoughts and behavior, and social engineering is leading towards genetic similarities. The biggest deceit is that our relationship to God has nothing to do with how we behave or what we become. It is implied that who we are is totally based on internal predispositions. They have no need for the Church of God, so for us who know we are the Temple of God are left in a hostile environment. Meanwhile, people are saying that internal spirituality can be achieved without God…WHAT?! Satan is the author of confusion…no wonder some people think that “they are” and other people “can’t be.” I guess they think that their genetics has made them spiritual gurus, leaving no hope for the others.

However, people do recover from mental and emotional illnesses, can come to find God’s peace after a life of violence, and can feel God’s loving kindness towards those living in the chaos of society. The Cross of Christ is for the whosoever! They discover the Message of the Cross; through the Spirit is life, but in the flesh is sin and death. People can change because the Spirit cleanses bad routines, habits, and long-formed behaviors. Those who testify to their change welcome Christ to be a part of their internal workings to crucify the effects of the sinful nature. We identify with God working internally within us through the Blood shed on the Cross by Jesus Christ. We are the Temple of God, a Church that doesn’t exist with man-made materials, but has the minister of Jesus Christ to cleanse our spirit of worldly influence.  

“And I saw no temple therein: For the Lord God Almighty and the Lamb are the temple of it”
Revelation 21:22


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