Great Trouble and Suffering this Morning

I woke to this news headline this morning; “A Florida man suspected of shooting a police officer killed four young children he held hostage in an apartment complex before committing suicide Monday evening — a tragic ending to a nearly 24-hour-long standoff, police said.” Tragic! This describes the tumult facing people on all levels. Psychologists will assure that the suspect was homicidal and suicidal, very unhealthy mentally. He killed one who was assigned to protect and serve the community. He then causes terrible agony and pain of a family by killing four children. Yet, there still is no search for the God who has been abandoned from the fabric of our society. People’s words are filled with the overflowing suffering of Satan’s attacks. Hate, despair, violence, and fatalities are Satan’s power. Their behavior is to lash out at whatever and whoever they can to find a remedy to the tribulation of the world.

There is definitely a cause of great trouble or suffering in our neighborhoods, as evident by this morning’s murderous event. To those suffering, it doesn’t matter if the Great Tribulation is before or after the rapture, they are facing their own personal tribulation today. For some, an overwhelming feeling of revenge and hostility consumes them, they cannot depend on the means of this world to comfort them. Their comfort can only come by turning towards the message of the Cross. That is where God’s love towards them will bring comfort, peace, and perseverance to their soul. Christ has defeated Satan on the Cross, and in us defeats the roots of bitterness that adds violence to more violence. The Great Tribulation is a result of denying the existence of a living God, and rejecting His Son who was sacrificed to crucify the sinful turbulence of internal sin.

For those of us who live in the redemption offered us through Christ, may the peace, love, faith, and perseverance of God’s spirit be with us in these days of great suffering and trouble.

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