Self-Help Is God’s Help?

With all the protests and riots in the world, I would say that people are fed up. Fed up with the emotional, mental, and physical abuse of everyday bump and grind. Apparently, school counselors, psychology, and etc. at school and work is not working. Communities are plagued with drug epidemics. Violence, conflict, and instability are at the point where homeland security and police forces are becoming more aggressive and brutal. Something within us wants to crucify the source of all the trouble. Meanwhile, relationships in society becomes more divided and chaotic within the attitude of “We Are,” “You’re Not.” We are told that we are the answer to our own problem, to look inside, but the effort to look towards God is scrutinized. In our efforts to crucify the source of this ill world, we become embroiled into a heated battle. Our self-expression is not in words and behaviors that heal, but are rooted in behaviors and speech that condemn.

We can use many words to sum up the chaotic world, but sin does it adequately. From within ourselves, we want to crucify the sinful nature that is ruining everything we love about life. Our own efforts are not working! Bad and terrible things happen to lead us to the cross. That is a place where the cure of the violent and sinful nature of humanity is found. Christ suffered the torment of the cross to crucify the fleshly turbulence of humanity. As we accept the life of Christ in us, we no longer live according to our own fleshly efforts, but according to the Spirit of God. As the flesh is crucified, the Holy Spirit begins to motivate all that we do. May the love, peace, joy, faith, and perseverance of God live in our spirit during these Godless and turbulent times.

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