I heard someone say, “there is not that much forgiveness in the world.” We suffer a lot of hectic in our life that comes through other people. These are definitely people that are not going to be invited to our marriage, baby shower, or other family get-togethers. They routinely cause bad feelings and thoughts that incites a lot of interpersonal conflict. Routinely! When it comes to being a light of love, acceptance, and belonging, they are not that. They want nothing to do with God’s reconciliation of one another. Their words and behavior suggest that forgiveness is to let them rule over what you say and do. We are not part of that “train of thought,” we do not live in the same beliefs of that world. We separate ourselves from those ugly attitudes so that we can live a separate life of grace and harmony with one another.

Now, we have a clearer picture of what constitutes forgiveness. Forgiveness brings us into a right relationship with God, not necessarily other people. Especially not people who frustrate our desire to live in harmony with God’s gift of grace. People will hate you for living in God through Christ. Living in the world, but not being a part of the world, means we separate ourselves from the sinful attitudes that divide God’s creation with intolerance, pride, hatred, and conflict. Satan will use every tactic possible to separate us from the forgiveness found at the cross while keeping us chained to the sinful nature of condemnation, strife, and conflict. Forgiveness allows us to come apart from the world while remaining in the grace of God.

When Christ shed His blood on the cross, it was for everyone, even for those who beat Him with His fist and drove the nails in His body. Acceptance of Christ is all that is necessary. Christ will crucify the sinful nature of the flesh to eliminate the hostility between one another. There should never be an issue with forgiving a brother or sister in Christ. As the flesh is crucified, the Holy Spirit restores harmony between one another. Those who reject Christ are living in the deception of Satan to misconstrue the grace of forgiveness.  It is impossible for us to forgive anyone, only God can do that through Christ, by which the fruit of the Holy Spirit will be proof of that forgiveness.

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