Thank God It’s Friday?

“TGIF” (Thank God It’s Friday) is a way to express our gratitude for a couple days off work. But, how many of us has the weekends off? I guess nowadays we have to be grateful for the days we do have off, whether those days are Saturday’s or Sunday’s or not. In an ironic and humorous way, because of the day we are born on, some of us work longer weeks than others. If you are born on a Wednesday then you work only three days until the weekend. If you are born on a Monday then you have to work five days until the weekend. AND, for those born on Sunday, you have to work six days before your day off. Of course, the important thing is to have a day of rest to enjoy ourselves and to rejuvenate.

It is very enjoyable to spend a day of rest with people who feed us with a joyful and peaceful spirit. We often think of Church fellowship as being that source in which we find refreshing for our soul. Unfortunately, more people are working on Sundays than the number of people in the Churches. Not that the Churches are dwindling in numbers, but many people feel working on Sunday is more important than being in Church. Actually, many people become more involved in the ways of the secular beliefs because the message of the cross is not heard in the Churches. The rest we need for our soul comes through what Christ did for us on the cross. Regardless of our day of birth, or which day of week we have off, rest comes through the removal of the heavy workload of sin that is in the soul.

The world is filled with the heavy load of hate, conflict, pessimism, and fatal endings. Our soul needs a time of rest away from those things that separate us from God. By honoring Christ, who is in us, the Holy Spirit flows into our spirit. The heavy load is lifted with the God’s spirit of peace, love, faith, joy, and perseverance.

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