A Righteous Society May Be A Spiritual Disaster

“Righteous!” That’s a word my brother would use when he approved of something heartily. He doesn’t use that word a lot nowadays, especially not about present society. Even though there are many who do boast of our righteous society, but really! Health care for me is very unaffordable, about $300.00 per month. I’m a single custodian in a Church who wouldn’t have health care if it were not for my Veterans status. The horror stories of the treatment provided to those who can afford health insurance is also disheartening. With homeland security and border control around the globe, there is the explosion of violence. Not “Righteous!” Where is the harmony in society when even police forces resort to brutality to control the chaotic behavior. Not “Righteous!” People’s perspective of being righteous is used as a substitute for God’s righteousness. The more they promote their self-righteousness the more we are left in a tumultuous world.

“Do you think it is right, that you say, “My righteousness is more than God’s?” God’s righteousness has much better results than human righteousness. We cannot achieve the perfect society that God has planned for us. We can only connect with the righteousness of God’s kingdom when we connect with the righteousness of God. We find God’s righteousness at the Cross. Christ shed his blood to reverse the destruction caused by mankind’s righteousness. “Righteous!” May Christ rule within our heart.

(The above quote is from the Bible Job 35:2)

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