A Blogger’s Retrospective of Society and Spiritual Purpose

As blogs are retrospective, we can look into that mirror and change how we wish to come across to fellow bloggers. Today, being the last day of the Daily Prompt, we have a retrospective of what is important to us. We could gather and review every blog we wrote on the “word-of-the day” and have a clearer picture of what circulates through our thoughts and emotions. For some, it is to enrich our own internal life and that of others. Some write on the difficulties of finding emotional peace and to have the types of thoughts that are desired. For some, socialization and society issues are paramount. Each one of us have that single most important thing that is of supreme worth, it is the common thread that runs through each individual blog. Our identity is defined one day at a time, one blog at a time, one word at a time, one deed at a time.

Most people agree that the fruit of the spirit is what makes the world go ’round. When words like peace, love, faith, endurance, joy, etc. are written about, everyone jumps onto that band wagon in their own way. Some use those qualities for the sake of the environment, some for the sake of controlling opposing view points, some to shape a society that they believe is ideal, some to paint an image of themselves, and some to declare that they have arrived to a very special spiritual plateau. Retrospectively, how many of us can say that we cherish the fruit of the spirit simply because our spirit blossoms with those noble qualities. And not just to promote a cause or self?

Christ went to the cross so that we would bear much fruit in the process of bringing us into the presence of God. He did not espouse a particular environmental focus, nor a specific security agenda, nor a social philosophy. Christ’s only motive was to open the door into the presence of God, where the fruit of God’s spirit manifests. Christ’s identity was defined by His compassion regardless of “political correctness.” Christ in us does not use the spiritual fruit to promote a specific cause or political correctness, but instead they are a sign of God’s spirit in us.

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