Juxtaposing Society Fences to Spiritual Freedom

To make a quilted blanket is to juxtapose combinations of colors, shapes, and even design ideas. I juxtapose automobiles to a quilt. The first automobiles, the “Model-T,” were all the same color (black), they were all the same shape, and all came from the same idea of design. Today’s automobiles look very much like a quilted blanket. They have many different ideas of designs, shapes, and colors.  A society void of juxtaposing their people is very racist, and even stamped from the same mold, like the Model-T. Juxtaposing the people of the world, to blend them into a quilt of equality, makes for a colorful society.

We are taught that a society that builds itself on the same principle as producing Model-T’s are not free inwardly. They impose strict standards that oppose the spirit of unique creativity. A sign of a free society is one that builds upon the differences of others, but that really comes together to form a colorful quilt. Internal spiritual freedom brings people together of different colors and shapes that have creative ideas of  an harmonic quality. Racism draws a very ugly picture when juxtaposing next to a quilted society. Hate cannot be knitted to love, violence cannot be knitted to peace, despair cannot be knitted to faith, and fatal endings cannot be knitted to perseverance. The spiritual fruit is a warm quilted blanket, not shredded clothing full of holes and falling apart at the seams.

The love of Christ is the thread that holds the quilted blanket together. The cross, on which He died to abolish the sin of racism, is the same for all people of all languages, nations, race, color, shapes, and ideas. There cannot be racism in God because God claims us all as being His children through Christ His Son. Christ in every person is the same, not like the Model T’s, but like the thread that holds the people of the world together. May the spirit of God’s peace and love be with us all.

via Daily Post

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