A Society’s Big Tomato Is Spiritually Humble

Do you know any famous tomatoes? You know, those huge ones that make all the other tomatoes in the garden look like cherry tomatoes. They become well known by many people. Garden lovers notice them, people who see extremes notice them, neighbors and friends are shown them. They gain a lot of attention. Some people prefer not to have famous tomatoes in their garden because they use more nutrients from the earth, more, water, and do not share well with the other smaller tomatoes. Those who know the truth know that the smaller normal size tomatoes are those who go together in the basket and into the house.  They are more useful, and collectively make more ketchup than the famous one. Spiritually, we are all made equal in the potential of blossoming with the fruit of the spirit.

Self-esteem has a lot to do with how we view self comparing to the accomplishments or spiritual character of others. We might like to view our image as being the famous big tomato in the garden, but unless that image respects others, there are gonna be problems. They drain everyone else because they have to be the only source of productiveness. Regulating the words and acts of others is to maneuver the small tomatoes out of their resource center. They insist on having the spotlight to rain on them. Attention, a following, and influential connections are to them what the earth, rain, and sun are to the big tomato.  Famous people with a good reputation has compassion, promotes serenity, rains goodwill on society, and their fame endures through the ages. Famous people who try to destroy the welfare of others has a bad fate, or they live in history as an example of notorious.

Christ is that huge famous tomato whose life impacted others in a very, very, respectful way. Christ was like saying, “pick me God, pick me God so that the smaller tomatoes will not just live but thrive.” Christ purposely died on the cross so that sinners, outcasts, undesirables, and “unlawful” would all be acceptedl in the eyes of the source of His very own fame. God. Christ will always be the big tomato in God’s eyes because Christ is willing to share His connection to God. Christ in us is willing to humble self to share in the fellowship of God with as many others as possible.

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