Guilty By Society but Freed By The Spiritual

Guilt is a tyrant that violates our inalienable rights. Being guilty alienates us from what makes us the humans that we are. Guilt separates us from the fruitfulness within healthy thoughts, emotions, and behavior. Feeling guilty takes away our peace by alienating us from a sense of internal security. Guilt separates us from interacting socially with loving people. Feeling guilty robs our sense of worth and alienates us from the Creator. Being riddled with guilt violates our ability to become who we are inwardly. Inalienable rights are found in mercy, grace and forgiveness, but internal prisons are built through condemnation. People who hold a fault against us are no better than the tyrants who violate inalienable rights.

We can assess that through love, kindness, mercy, and grace we experience freedom from the guilt of our imperfections. The terrible diagnosis is that some people lock us into a prison of regret and guilt by destroying faith, forgiveness, and acceptance of the spiritual fruit. Some people revile others only to love them selves. Even with that said, we plan to accept our innocence by allowing the spiritual fruit to be a part of what we say and do. Life in the spirit washes away the guilt of the flesh. We put that plan into action by forgiving faults and allowing mercy and grace to rule. Our plan is successful when we experience freedom in the spirit and our inalienable rights return to the human body.

The life of Christ was all about washing away our guilt through the fruit of God’s spirit. Someone apparently got the message because the idea of grace and forgiveness is everywhere in the world. Some people would rather revile your guilt to control your behavior because they love to put themselves in positions of power and authority. Forgiveness is detestable to them. The good news for us is, “There is therefore now no condemnation to them which are in Christ Jesus, who walk not after the flesh, but after the Spirit.” Romans 8:1

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