Assumptions About Society Is Different Than Spiritual Faith

An assumption is something that is accepted as true or certain to happen, even though there is no proof. A high school student, who graduates, has the assumption that the beginning of responsibility in the workplace is about to happen. They assume their empowerment of independence, even without the proof of future employment. Many people have the assumption that election results are rigged in favor of specific candidates. It happens globally and routinely that rulers seize power without the certainty of having support of the people they govern. Worldly assumptions are different than spiritual faith.

The assumption of worldly control often conflicts with faith in the spiritual fruit. Global leaders who sit in a seat of power are not always sitting where faith in the spiritual fruit blossom. The spiritual qualities of compassion for the people and global peace are the assumption, but often not the reality. Relating to work after high school, there is the assumption that jobs will certainly be available, but not necessarily tasks rooted in the faith of spiritual fruitfulness. The need for worldly security often assumes control over faith in spiritual qualities. Faith in compassion, tranquility, optimism, and endurance should always come before the assumptions of what life should be. A world without God is full of assumptions within government and the workplace, but scarce in fruitful faith that guides our employees and country. 

Many people, except a few, had the assumption that a new country with a new king (Jesus of Nazareth) was certain to happen. They were ready to assume their revolutionary responsibility against the mightiest military in the world. Ouch, they suffered physical brutality and were crushed. However, they who understood Christ’s message through faith in the fruit of God’s spirit were full of joy, peace, love, and perseverance. Ouch, the school of religious leaders and the Romans were crushed by internal chaos! Christ in us foregoes worldly assumptions in order to live a life full of faith through the spiritual fruit.

via Daily Prompt: Assumption

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