A Society Will Disappear If Spiritual Grace Disappears

I wonder how many of us wish we could just disappear? We might just wish to become invisible and unavailable for use. We only want to escape the bickering, hate mongering, pessimism, and other attitudes that are fatal to our fruitful spirit. Everything that others find to criticize, scrutinize, and berate about us should simply be lost and impossible to find. That can only happen when someone chooses to overlook the imperfections that we all have. Those imperfections do not disappear by consuming a person with physical and verbal punishments. And imperfections do not disappear by changing our words and behavior to please those who make a habit of reviling us.

Grace is that word suggesting we are lenient towards the imperfections of the flesh while persisting in spiritual qualities. There are no external physical acts that can make our imperfections disappear. Those imperfections disappear as we pursue the qualities of the spirit; such as love, peace, faith, joy, prayer, and endurance. People who attempt to use external or worldly things to cancel your imperfections in their eyes are only manipulating you. They praise you for the behaviors they want to see, but they give negative feedback when you violate their goals. They punish your inbred imperfections instead of allowing them to become invisible by a fruitful spirit.

Many people of the religious and political system tried to conform Christ to their pattern of life to make His gracious ministry disappear. Those corrupt leaders reviled others and loved them selves. They thought Christ’s death would make their nightmare disappear, it didn’t. In fact, the resurrection of spiritual life spread exponentially. Christ in us no longer caters to the imperfections of the flesh as a way of life, but instead discovers a life of grace and mercy through the spirit.

via Daily Prompt: Disappear

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