Awkward Spirituality In a Vigilant Society

Learning to ride a bicycle is an awkward moment. It’s difficult, causes some embarrassment if others are watching and it’s not smooth by any standard. The whole process is very uncomfortable. If you were like me, the excitement of having a new bike and learning to ride overcame the awkward feelings. Expressing our self through the spiritual fruit can also be awkward at first, until we have a feel for how natural they really are in day to day life.

It is awkward to think that we always have to show love in a physical and outward context. What would become of a nurse if the nurse told every patient “I love you.” But, learning to “ride” helps us to show compassion simply by doing the work of a nurse in a compassionate way. Even then, those warm sentiments could be misinterpreted anyway, and a backlash occurs from peers. The ungodly vigilance of society makes spirituality awkward, and freezes the spirit. We cannot hug, kiss, and love on every person we see. That is a very awkward way to spread the good news. Learning to ride the spiritual bike helps us to continue in fruitful ways within a world that makes spirituality cumbersome.

Before the days of Christ, religion was full of outward symbols of purification, as well as the other gods made of brick, stone, gold, silver, etc. Worshipping God was awkward for the general masses. Religion was hard to deal with, inconvenient, not graceful, and consisted of abnormal routines. When Christ came, he taught the masses how to ride the bike of spiritual fruitfulness. It was awkward at first for the masses who eventually grew exponentially. But it was even more awkward and embarrassing for the religious leaders who have never recovered.  Christ in us is able to live through awkward moments to enable us to grow exponentially through the fruit of the spirit.

via Daily Prompt: Awkward

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