A Complication Of Society Has A Spiritual Resolution

A complication makes an existing circumstance more difficult. I think of complications as relating to health issues, where one set of symptoms complicate a new diagnosis. But, there are also issues that complicate the internal security of countries around the world. There are difficulties when trying to eliminate mass shootings and bombings. Then, when haven’t there been complications in relationships? People often say that their heart is too broken and love is too complex to ever love again. Families experience difficulties. I think what we value, what we set as our priorities, complicates what is really important in life. We adore the things that adds difficulties to our day to day life. We create our identity upon the things that will eventually cause complications in what we hope to become. Disillusionment results. Setting the spiritual fruit as our first priority resolves many issues.

The health of our internal spiritual blossoms should have priority over our physical health. While we care for our physical health, a positive attitude resolves the complications of emotional devastation. Internal peace should have more priority than the things we own or desire to have. Setting our priority on power, borders, and resources complicates the peace process. Love too often becomes a priority of maintaining relationships at any cost, but if you love someone then set them free. True love is from within the soul and no person should be more important than that. The most important relationship we will ever have is within us. The thing of utmost worth and priority should be of the spirit, physical aspects of the world results in many complications. As we redefine our identity through the fruit of the spirit, the things of the world become strangely dim, uncomplicating our life.

Christ came to make known the kingdom of God that exists within. “But seek ye first the kingdom of God, and his righteousness; and all these things shall be added unto you.” Make for your first priority spiritual health, internal peace, spiritual love, and your spiritual identity. When you do, life becomes clearer with less complications from physical desires. Christ in us brings the spiritual fruit of God’s spirit to clarify our vision. (The above quote is from Matthew 6:33)

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6 thoughts on “A Complication Of Society Has A Spiritual Resolution

  1. Yes. Those in power labeling Jesus a want-to-be king, which would mean death for Jesus. But Jesus associating Himself with everything except the population of those committing sedition. The “Messiahanic Secret.” He stressed bringing in the Kingdom of God, but those in power couldn’t shake the idea that he had ambitions to be king in an earthly way. Very interesting that Jesus referred to Himself as the “Son of Man,” while it was everyone else calling Him the messiah and Son of God.


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