A Cycle that Infects the Spiritual Society

To infect something has a cycle of infection. Let’s say that the news media infects the community with the virus of social unrest. Their programming has to have a reservoir or source from where their beliefs originate. Perhaps the agenda of the United Nations is the source. Then there has to be a door which gives an exit to those beliefs. Perhaps the drug epidemic is the doorway to many political reforms. The means of transporting the agenda are the angry masses, which the news media stirs up, that are fed up with society as it is today. Therefore, political reform begins to enter the door where people are seeking governmental answers in an ever increasing Godless age. People susceptible to the infection are those who are given their “bread and butter” of social acceptance in exchange for their acceptance of the reforms. Even so, the spiritual fruit interrupts the cycle of Godless reforms.

We know the source of the spiritual fruit is within the soul of a person. Reservoirs of people exist who grow and live together with the spirit of love, peace, joy, faith, perseverance, and goodwill. Many believe these people are being slighted in today’s process of “reform.” The exit door comes through their spirit because the world is so hostile to words, deeds, and booklets of evangelicals. The means of transporting the spiritual fruit comes through a meek and gentle spirit of peace where smiles and compassionate prayers speaks volumes. The fruit of the spirit enter through the doorway where people realize “reform” means to change water into ice, not a warm global family at all. People who welcome the spiritual fruit are those who do not wish to always attack the source of their inner fruitfulness.

Christ came to bring reform through the fruit of God’s spirit. He condemned the political “news sources” coming from the Temple of God that infected the people with a disease that made them “two times the children of hell.”  It is Christ in us who are the source of the good news in this world. Through the spiritual fruit we come into the presence of God to initiate the cycle of internal reform.

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