A Spiritual Pedigree Brings Society’s Bonding

Pedigree is a word that, during my upbringing, referred to an animal to verify it to be purebred. To refer to a person or family using the word pedigree just sounded odd. Our family just always assumed that there were no true purebred family lineages in existence. Everybody’s family tree consisted of two or more nationalities. For example, my Dad’s mom was German who married an Irishman, and my Mom’s mom was of American Indian descent who married a man of Polish descent. In that light, I figured we all became equals in that way, no one being anymore royal or purebred than the other. In that way, the spiritual fruit blossomed in the way I thought about others.

Stereotypes went out the window as I realized that on the inside we are all equally “polluted” and not pure at all. Italians do not have a monopoly on “fiery temper” because on the inside we all have a bit of the peaceful spirit of the Asians in us. Polish people do not have a monopoly on stupid jokes because we all have a spat of the Greek spiritual inspiration living within. In other words, whatever pedigree we think we have, it is the spiritual fruit that makes us all equal inwardly. Whatever our genealogy, we share the same ingredients that forms a smile, desire to hug, laughter, and such. The spiritual qualities of love, peace, joy, faith, perseverance, prayer, etc. is what really creates a royal family.

Christ’s genealogy was for the purpose of satisfying the prideful legalism of those who felt special in their purebred link to God. As if God had been born of their blood. To those protecting that pedigree, bringing God to the gentiles was an act worthy of death. And they weren’t anywhere ready to accept that Jesus of Nazareth was born of a royal lineage to be the Son of God. Christ in us does away with pedigrees that attempts to lay claim to a special status with God. We realize that it is through the spiritual fruit that we are the family of God.

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