A Spiritual Forest In Society’s Deforestation

A forest is something we must protect. That is the information we have been receiving for years . When is the last time you have actually seen real wood products being made for your home? I assume that someone is doing a really, really efficient job at preserving the forests. Of course, maybe we blame the lack of wood furniture on deforestation and the massive forest fires year after year after year. Either way, the chances of seeing real wood products for home use is very slim. Forests are our earth, and the spiritual forest are the fruit of the spirit blossoming from the earthy flesh.

Deforestation of the spiritual fruit is to cause the depletion of fruitfulness in our spirit. Imagine our fleshy earth being scarce of kindness, gentleness, joy, patience, love, peace, faith, perseverance, goodwill, meekness, goodness, self-control, and prayer. That deforestation would cause conflict in human interaction, violence, and social chaos. That seems to describe our world today. Fires are raging, the fires of human unrest, and have been burning for years and years. They plead for the protection of the forests, but in our day to day life where are the forests of the spiritual fruit found?

Christ frequently talked of seeding the earth to bring forth fruit, and to bring it forth abundantly. He also cautioned us all of the fiery consequences of living without the blossoms of God’s fruit. Christ in us recognizes the need to blossom fruitfully with a plush forest within the earthly flesh. Through the fruit of the spirit, we desire to plant seeds to establish the forests.

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