A Society Rebel or Spiritual Allegiance?

To display the rebel flag is condemned as hate speech these days. Even though I doubt anybody wants to be known as a rebel according to the dictionary definition; “a person who rises in opposition or armed resistance against an established government or ruler.” Then again, there is a population or culture of people who oppose present day government as a new form of slavery. One person I know says the “Age of the Anti-Christ” is upon us, evident by gross violations of human rights. Therefore, the issues of slavery and states’ rights continue to appear in spirited and endless debate. To define a spiritual government would better define the real rebels.

To define God as the government would “turn the tables” on who the rebels are. That is to say, the source of all goodness of our internal life governs our emotions, thoughts, and behavior. To remove all signs of “In God We Trust” from public places might signify that we are also suppose to remove “In God We Trust” from our thought processes, emotions, and behavior. In that case, those who desire to live by the fruit of God’s spirit are not rebels at all, but those who legislate God out of our way of life would be the true rebels. Do we feel free to express our love for God, and to live through the spiritual fruit? It might be uncomfortable to share love, joy, optimism, and hope for eternity in many public places, oppressing our spiritual speech.

Was Christ a rebel or living in accordance to the governing of God? The worldly government condemned him as a rebel and issued the death penalty. But, within the government of God, he brought spiritual life to the world. Christ created many, many, many, “rebels” who came into the presence of God. Christ in us makes us a “rebel” in a corrupt world, but makes us an upstanding citizen in the kingdom of God.

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8 thoughts on “A Society Rebel or Spiritual Allegiance?

  1. I loved the way you have used the word” rebel” and brought out the positive message from it and also the significance of it in our current society. Anytime I have read your posts, they have always been positive.


  2. In his book ZEALOT, Reza Aslan probes Jesus of Nazareth in historical context rather than divine nature. His summation is that Jesus is worthy of our adoration and praise because he was a rebel, a warrior for social justice. For me that is the crux of the “Jesus message”. Centuries after the crucifixion, it seems that the church fathers emphasized divinity over justice. Good post, my friend.

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