A Laughter Heard in Society A Sign of Spiritual Health

Laughter is the Best Medicine.” That use to be a common sentiment and often repeated from day to day. Doctors definitely prescribe laughter and a positive attitude when a severe illness has been diagnosed. If an internet search is done on laughter as the best medicine, you will be able to scroll through many articles expounding on the benefits of laughter. One article states 6 benefits of laughing; it is contagious, reduces stress, boosts the immune system, increases resilience, combats depression, and relieves pain. Laughter is also a spiritual quality, it flows from the spirit.

I enjoy looking at a word to discern which fruit of the spirit defines the character of the word. The main ingredient of laughter is joy. From that joy a smile blossoms on the face. Wherever a smile is there is positive interactions towards one another. (Often, people will “butter-you-up and when they see laughter or a smile they ask something of you.) Within laughter, exist many more of the fruit of the spirit, such as goodwill, peace, perseverance, and even faith. We have heard that it is possible to laugh in the face of adversity.

During the days of Christ and before, times were so horrible and sick that laughter was a tool used to scorn. There are not many biblical accounts of laughter in a positive light. However, after encounters with Christ, people “went away rejoicing.” With the words and acts of Christ, he returned laughter, smiles, and rejoicing to the people as it was meant to be. Christ in us also wants to return the joy into the sprit of others. Make someone smile today.

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5 thoughts on “A Laughter Heard in Society A Sign of Spiritual Health

  1. Thanks for the pingback. It means so much to us. Today as we sat on the beach, a woman passed by and she and I shared a smile, as she collected shells on her way down the beach. When they returned, she made it a point to smile and say a word to me. It was glorious.


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