A Rapid Spiritual Flow Affects Society

When a dam is opened, or it breaks, the water flow becomes rapid. The flow happens suddenly in a short time and creates a fast-flowing and turbulent part of the course of the water. “Flash Mobs” became popular recently and they act a lot like a sudden flow of rapid waters. Each individual receives a text message, they trickle in one by one, then they become a massive mob that suddenly floods a public area. They might be people who sing, play instruments, dance, or even protest. Spiritual growth inwardly or in numbers is a lot like that.

The spiritual fruit are as the flow of waters within us and which causes congregations to gather for many purposes. Candlelight vigils, bloggers, and social media are as much a gathering caused by the fruit of the spirit as the congregations gathering on Sunday mornings. That flow of water first requires a trickle of inner fruitfulness within the individual before a rapid flow manifests. A reservoir of compassion, desire for peace, endurance for goodness, and the optimism of hope is a massive lake in our society today. When the dam breaks, or opens, each individual will become rapid floods of people in our neighborhoods. We want to be ready to be a part of that spiritual flash mob…and not to be the dam holding those waters back.

They say Christ had a 3 year ministry of love, mercy, and grace. He opened a flood gate that caused the rapid flow of fruitful people to flood the neighborhoods in all parts of the world. The reservoir of people were there all along, suffering many abuses, praying for release, and just waiting for the dam to break. In a very short time and very rapidly, the people were willing to be rejected by the church and to peacefully recognize God above government. Christ in us is the water of life that floods us with the spirit of mercy, grace, and love. And it is Christ in each individual that brings the waters together to form the rapids of spiritual flow.

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