Society Bubbles Burst, Spirituality Is Our Foundation

A bubble is a good or fortunate situation that is isolated from reality or unlikely to last. When someone lives inside a bubble we think of the person as being unrealistically shielded from the real world. When the bubble burst, emotions are exposed to raw reality. I thought of a castle inside a bubble because when that bubble burst, the life inside the castle will crumble. The castle should be built on a solid foundation and not up in the air inside a bubble. A child builds sand castles with joy, excitement, and creative energy, but when the waves come and destroys the castle the bubble will burst. Tears and sadness come. When things like that happen, the spiritual fruit keeps our emotions, thoughts, and behavior on solid foundation.

Many bubbles are burst that will change our viewpoint and character. When emotional bubbles get burst we respond in unhealthy emotional ways or we discover stability through self-control and perseverance. We can become very insecure inwardly because we no longer have that castle-in-the-bubble as our safety net. A meek and gentle spirit of peace prevents us from spinning into chaos. We can sense that loving kindness puts us on a solid foundation, and not cruel and hateful spite. Therefore, the spiritual fruit does not put us in a bubble, instead they put us on solid foundation.  

Christ gave us encouragement for the times when those bubbles burst. He said the kingdom of heaven belongs to the poor in spirit. Those who mourn will be comforted and the meek will inherit the earth. He added that those who thirst and hunger for righteousness will be filled and the merciful will obtain mercy. His reassurance included that the pure in heart will see God, the peacemakers will be the children of God, and that the kingdom of heaven belongs to the persecuted. Christ in us brings this solid foundation during those times when the bubble bursts and the castle crumbles.

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