A Tide of Spiritual Water in the Darkness of Society

The tide is the rising and falling of the sea due to the attraction of the sun and moon. It’s interesting that there are many metaphors for the words tide, sun, and moon. Is our inward attitude towards humanity a changing tide according to the light of the sun and the light of the moon. The sun’s light represents having a positive attitude when all is good within society. The light of the moon is the ability to be a positive influence in the darkest hours of humanity. Unfortunately, some people are as changeable as the sea’s tide. In the best of times they come across as people full of spiritual fruit, but in the darkest hours their fruitfulness is nowhere in sight.

It is fun to experience laughter, optimism, and all the goodness of life to reinforce the idea that all is well. Those are the best of times. When the lights go down and the hours are dark with evilness and pessimism, can we be the light that shines in the darkness? It is difficult to maintain a steady tide of spiritual water when the haters that surround us in the night have cruel intentions. Our response of a tranquil spirit is the light of the moon when there is a tremendous amount of harsh conflict present. Endurance gives us the ability to persevere when the spiritual waters are low as well as when the tide is high. We should aspire to be the light of the sun by day and the light of the moon by night.

Christ came to our world at 11:59pm when spiritual light was shut off and humanity was not able to see through the darkness of night. He was the light of the moon giving hope for the rising of the sun for a new dawn of day. The tide of spiritual waters seemed low, but Christ gave hope of the waves to come. Christ in us is consistent when the tides of spiritual water is low or high. Christ enables us to be like the moon shining in the darkest hour and the sun shining by day.

via Daily Prompt: Tide

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