An Observation of Spiritual and Society Observances

I observed that Valentine’s Day was on Ash Wednesday this year, and Resurrection Sunday was on April Fool’s Day. I enjoy observing Valentine’s Day because it is refreshing to share a little love as a national endeavor. This year I was also reminded of how many hearts are burned to ashes because of trouble in relationships. I also appreciate the observance of a day to remind us that positive qualities can resurrect after being buried by painful experiences. Unfortunately, too many people treat that resurrection as a prank or joke. It is obvious that what we observe is given meaning according to our spiritual character.

We live in a world that seems to be hostile to the spiritual fruit. I believe it is near the truth to say that some people celebrated the hearts-turned-to-ash on Valentine’s Day. If they don’t acknowledge love, fruitful friendships, kindness in interactions, and inspirations of goodness how could they possible observe a day of love? These are the same people who would celebrate the pranksters and jokers who “pulled a fast one” on the world through the resurrection of the One. If they don’t believe in emotional and mental healing, renewal of attitudes, and having a total inner makeover how can they possibly observe a day of transformation? What we observe is given meaning by our relationship to the fruit of the spirit.

Christ gave significance only to the observance of a relationship to God. He did not observe the traditional obligations of his day as others did. He observed the corruption of the social, legal, ethical, and religious structure and breathed new love into humanity. He resurrected the spiritual life that was buried beneath the ruins of damaging observances. Christ in us observes nothing that buries the spiritual fruit, but observes everything that resurrects love, peace, faith, and endurance.

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7 thoughts on “An Observation of Spiritual and Society Observances

  1. Interesting you mentioned Valentine’s Day on Ash Wed. my daughter tells me she was in the grocery store after receiving ashes; a very nice foreigner asked her, “I noticed so many people having that mark today on their forehead, is that a custom here in the States to wear it on Valentine’s Day?

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    1. I think that is a rude comment because the “very nice foreigner” probably recognized the religious meaning of it…and just couldn’t stop from making that “mark on the forehead” comment. I always encourage people to remember that Christ also is going to put his seal on the forehead of his people. Again, we are reminded to look inwardly for our judgment of external observances. May the love and peace of Christ always live in and through us.

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