Abrupt In A Spiritual Society

A burst of thunder is abrupt. Thunder is sudden, unexpected, curt, and brief to the point of rudeness. Lightening is the source of thunder and it rides on the currents of rain. Often, a fire is sparked by the abrupt flash corresponding to the sound of thunder. I’m sure we know people that are abrupt like thunder. Their sudden unexpected actions and words shakes our internal senses and often sparks a fire of heated emotions. Not only people, but situations can be curt and rude to start an internal rage of emotions. Errors are abrupt and sparks flames of outrage. Errors in restaurant orders, billing statements, paychecks, etc. etc. are abrupt, unsettling and aggravating.

Like lightening in a stormy and dark society, abrupt acts are attracted to spiritual waters. The abrupt sound of thunder is heard nearby where the qualities of the fruit of the spirit exist. The expression of words and deeds can be downright hateful, ill-intended, and cruel towards those of compassion. Perhaps that lightening strike is to spark a fire of an anti-social attitude. They rejoice in spurts of fiery violence that ravishes the lakes of gatherings that come together like raindrops. Lakes such as schools and community events. The intent seems to be destruction to the point of despair to abruptly incite terminal attitudes. Even so, like natural bodies of water, the spiritual water will  always return to the form of faith, joy, goodness, optimism, and hope.

Christ came to us within a stormy and dark society to bring the rains of spiritual waters. Surrounding him was the abrupt sounds of thunder and lightening from those seeking to destroy him. The thunderous opposition was to Christ what lightening is to rain. Today, we have a rainbow of eternal hope as God’s promise to us. Christ in us provides spiritual waters to overcome the abrupt thunderstorms of life, and within our spirit is the rainbow of promise for all to see.

via Daily Prompt: Abrupt

2 thoughts on “Abrupt In A Spiritual Society

  1. Absolutely wonderful to read and contemplate, especially the idea that the birth of Christ Jesus as not abrupt for He was promised. The death was not abrupt, for he warned the disciples and others of it. But, His return will be abrupt, like a thief in the night. There is hope in that some day the brokenness of this world will cease in the twinkle of an eye. I hope all will be ready and that no one perishes. Very good post.


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