Tantrum in Society and Spiritual Response

If an animal throws a tantrum towards a human it will probably be it’s last act of aggression. People are slightly different though. If we see an adult throwing a tantrum in a public place, we will call those whose job it is to “serve and protect,” such as 9-1-1. Probably, most of us associate tantrums with children. Then what do we do?! Nobody is going to throw a “flying knee” at a child as discipline because that is extreme abuse. Wherever an outburst of anger originates, we have evolved to respond fruitfully to hostility.

Weathering the assault of tantrums produces many fruits of the spirit. (PRAYER FOR ONE!) Self-control is an obvious one. We certainly cannot “fly off the handle” at difficult adults in public, and certainly not towards children. Rage is a definite “no-no.” Patience is another obvious fruit that manifests. Sometimes it helps if we wait and let the storm blow over instead of rushing to physically encounter the outburst. We definitely bloom with perseverance when relating to anger issues because we don’t want to give up on those we love. Speaking of love, eventually kindness and goodwill will manifest within our spirit as we learn to endure and effectively deal with tantrums.

Christ threw a raging tantrum once, but wait, was it really a tantrum? Remember when he became so “consumed” that he made a whip and wreaked havoc on those polluting the temple? Wait, back-up…..he made a whip! That means it wasn’t a tantrum at all if he first “counted to ten,” or took the time to make a scourge of small cords before acting. Likewise, Christ in us grants us the willpower to persevere with self-control and patience before responding to very frustrating and provocative situations.

John 2:15  “And when he had made a scourge of small cords, he drove them all out of the temple,”

via Daily Prompt: Tantrum

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