Daily Prompt: Rivulet

Wherever there is a rivulet there has to be a source. Very small streams of water do not happen by themselves. If a person sweats rivulets down their back then there is an internal source of water. Otherwise the person’s skin would be dry and red like sunstroke. If there is a rivulet of water running through your property then there is a source. That source being rain, a nearby river, a larger body of water, or a broken water line. Likewise, the rivulet of spiritual fruit has a source and many people realize this.

In a prison, a rivulet of goodness and compassion for all people equally might compel an inmate to share helpful information to the prison officials. Other inmates, without even a rivulet of fruitfulness, seek out to destroy the source of “snitches.” In a terrorist camp, a rivulet of peace and joy for their enemies would be cause for the consequences of death. They seek the destruction of the source of the rivulet of universal compassion. This explains how important a rivulet of the spiritual fruit is as we live our life at work, home, church, play, or other community events. Even a very small stream of universal love, gentleness, joy, and perseverance has enormous implications.

Christ is the water of life and invites us to draw from the well of living water. God is the source of every rivulet of human dignity that criminals and terrorists cannot destroy. They thought Christ’s death would prevent the source of the spiritual rivulet. Today, Christ in us makes us a very personal source of compassion, tranquility, optimism, and endurance that others can draw from.

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9 thoughts on “Daily Prompt: Rivulet

    1. Thanks for the encouragement. Unfortunately, people who carry a Bible everywhere they go and go to Sunday class every week don’t seem to agree. It’s very simple to me that a person’s neighborhood, lifestyle, past experiences, and viewpoints don’t always exclude them from love, acceptance, and kindness. Anyone who shares a small act of kindness to me, I will return it. Besides, I want to make it as clear as I can that I am not a hater….most people know what Christ represents so I embrace all that He did for us. 🙂 Thanks again for your encouragement. Peace and love.

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