Daily Prompt: Notable

Seems to me that quite a few people think of themselves as being notable. Somewhere, they have adopted the idea of being so remarkable that they want to monopolize your attention. This is the scenario where they set themselves on a pedestal or throne and expect your absolute respect. But, they rob you of your dignity and own self-worth. This can be true with co-workers, managers, friendships etc. who expect your loyalty above another. Their pretentious (and I do mean phony) superiority is too notable not to be noticed. I believe they prey on people’s spiritual sense of loyalty to cause divisions and conflict.

I think it is wonderful when we meet people who are really notable in the best of terms. They truly are remarkable and worthy of attention. They want to build you up to give a positive image of your own worth to this world. They inspire inner fruitfulness, instill a sense of inner peace, and cherish the soft and moist tenderness within. Their attitude is  humble in the presence of God and overall they are notable for optimistic energy. Unfortunately, there seems to be a lot of conflict between those who want to be notable in a superior way, and those who are truly notable in a humanitarian way.

Christ is notable only because of his sense of purpose to make each one of us remarkable and deserving of attention to God. He laid down his life so that each one of us could become sons and daughters of God. Christ in us makes us notable in the sense that we see others as being worthy of attention as we humbly rest in the power and love of God.

via Daily Prompt: Notable

11 thoughts on “Daily Prompt: Notable

  1. Notable is one of those words that means too many things to too many people. I’m pretty sure I am not notable, but I’m not sure what would make one really notable. As in memorable. As in worthy of note. I always think of notable in context with achievement. But I’m not entirely sure I’m spot on with that.


    1. I write my blog by what I feel within me, then I read other blogs on the same word. I do notice that something is driving the spirit of the blogs in the same direction. There are a couple that deviates from the “trend.” For me it is a notable occurrence of what is written in blogs and what is happening in the city I live in. I think the source population that people are from explains their interpretation of words.


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