Daily Prompt: Cur

Today, I learn that a cur is an aggressive dog or one that is in poor condition, especially a dog of no definable type or breed. Being a dog lover from the beginning of my life, I always imagine that all a cur needs is some TLC to put into good condition. That would apply to any type or breed. I have enjoyed playing with pit bulls, was raised with a Chihuahua, and have seen more mutts as pets than pure breeds. I have compassion for the “underdog,” believe that much aggression is associated with mistreatment, and I have faith in TLC. I’m sure this is why I am not judgmental of those who protest, riot, and act-out for better treatment from those in authority.

While we all understand that love, peace, faith, and perseverance are necessary in a civil world, what about “sin offerings?” I use quotes because my own idea of a sin offering is probably not Biblical, or is it? When Peter used a sword to cut off the ear of the High Priest’s servant to protect Christ, that was a “sin offering.” It wasn’t something that would solicit approval, but it didn’t change the fact that he would be the leader of the non-definable type of new Church. It is one thing for people to lute, harm, and disturb the peace for selfish reasons, but quite another to be upset and furious over abuses to self and others. Those rioters are making sin offerings in the same way as Peter.

Christ did command Peter to put the sword away and then negotiated for the release of all of his followers. A right relationship to God brings about the spiritual fruit in all we do. Christ in us motivates our spirit to put away the sword and to refrain from doing harm. Sin offerings are not required and are shunned, but let God be the judge of all we do.

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