Daily Prompt: Elaborate

News was never a big part of my television experience, but I do remember Paul Harvey with his favorite line, “AND NOW FOR THE REST OF THE STORY.” Sometimes we need a person to elaborate on what we heard from someone else. Some people speak perfect sentences with a subject, verb, and noun. Such a sentence is, “See Spot run home.” But, a small tweak to elaborate on the sentence makes a very big difference. “See Spot run home as he bites people,” is very much different than, “See Spot run joyfully home wagging his tail.” The difference between the two sentences are the spiritual descriptions involving anger or joy.

Even to say, “John is a bad person for leaving,” is not spiritually clear. Did he just leave a place full of hate and violent intent, or did he leave a place of love that promotes harmonic peace? And who spread the rumor that John was bad? Very clearly, the spiritual fruit enables us to elaborate on a situation with crystal clarity. If people are unwilling to use the spiritual fruit to elaborate on their talk of others, then “red flags” immediately go up. If we know the difference between the behaviors of the flesh and those of the spirit, then we definitely know the difference between wrong and right. We should elaborate rightfully when we explain situations.

Christ often “amended” or elaborated on the words flowing from the Pharisees, Sadducees, and other seekers. His elaboration was simply the addition of spiritual insight to carnal and legalistic understanding of a situation. Christ in us uses the elaboration of the spiritual fruit to speak insightfully of people and situations.

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2 thoughts on “Daily Prompt: Elaborate

    1. Even to know that someone over indulges in eating cookies could be significant. Not particular because the person eats a lot of cookies, but maybe because a sinister individual wants to do harm to you because they know your physical habits. Those who are not going to elaborate are those serving the “cookies”, but the others who will elaborate are told to “hush!” and are really oppressed in their self-expression.

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