Daily Prompt: Bestow

The word bestow has interesting implications on several levels. It is usually an honor, right, or gift that one receives from someone else. In that light, one person has to be in a superior position in order to bestow something to another. For example, “I bestow this blogger’s award to you because I judge you worthy.” Then, there is the bestowing of adequate health care to everyone from those who are bestowed that authority. Does everyone feel well cared for? Are we safe with the bestowal of a safe and secure community.? Is anyone bestowed with the power to grant us the family, friends, work, and community life that we really desire? It seems like we are being bestowed with an identity or lifestyle that does not seem like an honor, right, or gift. Where is the “Great Oz?”

An ideal way to bestow an honor, gift, or right is when it applies equally to everyone. If all of us were bestowed the qualities of the spiritual fruit then everything else would fall into place. Each person would persevere in the desire of good health for one another. Relating to safety, bestowing tranquility from home to home begins from the spiritual peace within us. We all know that fruitful interaction requires the bestowing of internal love, but has it been bestowed to us? The universal God is the One who bestows the spiritual fruit to everyone equally. We are worthy and should humbly receive that inalienable honor, that gift. When our identity is found through the spiritual fruit, we bestow good things to one another. Something like a blogger’s award.

People who bestow great honors to others, from their worldly authority, are not even granting a grain of sand compared to the internal gift we have within us. God has bestowed within us a gift of the spiritual fruit. As we honor Christ in us, we become equals desiring to bestow the best onto one another.

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