Daily Prompt: Vague

Some people are very clear about letting others know that “they see”, “they know”, “they are”, and basically have no need for input from specific sources. However, they are vague in relating exactly of what their intellectual superiority consists. It’s like walking into a new job and you are given a clear and definite description of your new responsibilities. But, as the days go by it seems as though your work performance and job evaluations are based on something else. The underlying expectations are too vague to grasp or to clearly understand. The only thing that is clear is that your thoughts, emotions, and behavior fills with negativity from the vague expectations of “work performance.”

Vagueness, in this chaotic world, contributes to malfunction within human interactions. It’s as if vagueness is intentional because motives are diabolical. They can’t clearly state that they want you to sabotage, hurt, or otherwise abuse others, yourself, or the environment you are in. Therefore, they are very subtle in causing unfruitful thoughts and feelings to creep into your day to day behavior. Saying that “they see” is just another way of saying “I don’t want to talk about it.” Even so, reliance on the spiritual fruit not only keeps us peaceful inwardly, but also provides clarity in vague situations. The spiritual fruit makes it clear whether vagueness solicits hatred or love, conflict or tranquility, pessimism or faith, fatal endings or perseverance.

Christ was very clear, not vague at all, of his intentions. He came to preach good news to the meek, to fix broken hearts, to proclaim liberty, and to open the prisons to them that are bound. Christ in us conveys a very clear and definite message of bringing the qualities of the spiritual fruit to one another. In that way, we have a clear and definite relationship with God.

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