Daily Prompt: Partake

I think I recognize the word “partake” on a History Channel movie or something. “Come! Partake, eat and drink.” Really, I experience the essence of that word more often than I would ever hope to. “Come on! Eat, join us, eat more.” Too often they forget the drink to help with digestion. I’m convinced that some people are obsessed to get others to partake of food. I’m pretty sure they would throw a boat load of food on Jesus’s body in the tomb as a weird ritual to prevent his resurrection. Maybe food is a secret weapon against Christ, like garlic is to a vampire. It is clear why I’m daily reminded that life is more than eating and drinking. Definitely we do not live by food alone.

Spiritual nourishment is necessary for healthy spiritual fellowship at mealtimes. It’s one thing to partake of food and more food, and quite another to partake of a meal with spiritual interaction. The obsession of others to get people to eat is so grotesque to me that it reminds me of Jesus’s last supper. You know, the part about the bread is my body and the drink is my blood. Except, I understand the spiritual significance of partaking in that meal. Christ’s body was given as a sacrifice for everyone and the pouring of his blood is for the remitting of sins. Now, if we could get past the deadly sin of gluttony during our partaking, maybe we could get on with the smiles, hugs, caring, support, and love for one another.

I have even quoted John 4:32 to politely refuse offers of food, “But he said unto them, I have meat to eat that ye know not of.” 🙂 Grace and love to you all.

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