Daily Prompt: Mallet

I received a clothes cabinet yesterday delivered by FEDEX. Assembly was required. It came with a mallet (pictured above) for tapping the connectors into place. I’m the type of construction person that believes a mallet is a multi-purpose tool to correct many
mal-fitting parts. The temptation for me is to use a mallet to make pieces of a 1000 piece jigsaw puzzle fit together. When all the pieces look alike, and all the same color, surely it is a fit regardless of the connector details. I think many of us try to force many aspects of life to fit together. We use a mallet instead of relying on the proper connectors to fall into place.

Stereotypes tempt us to use mallets instead of the proper connectors. It is easy to connect similar people with specific characteristics into the same color scheme or neighborhood. I often think of police brutality as been a mallet to keep us in our place. The real connectors that fit humanity together comes through the spiritual fruit. A peaceful person has connectors for a peaceful fit, a loving person has connectors for a loving fit, a person full of goodness has the connectors that will fit into a good place. A true fit comes from internal attitudes and not external appearances. This concept even applies to piecing facts together and every area of life.

Jesus was called a Nazarene and the religious leaders disparaged him because nothing good could ever come from the neighborhood where he was from. They used mallets to nail him into place and to warn others from trying to piece their life together from the internal things of God. Christ in us recognizes the belonging of others according to internal fruit and not external factors.

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