Daily Prompt: Authentic

Is anything authentic anymore? It almost sounds extreme to exert that something is absolutely genuine and of undisputed origin. Especially when it relates to matters that are very important to all of us. We are swamped with news stories of non-authentic foods that are genetically modified (GMO) and probably not worth eating. We all know of the non-authentic peace accords that exists in our world as we wonder who will be the first to press the nuclear button. The world is full of false societies relating to border control and territorial disputes. There are issues over the place we can or cannot call home. We are told that our beliefs are not authentic if those values include God. Overall, our identity as members of the human race seems to be non-authentic.

Subconsciously, we are told that the spiritual fruit are not authentic because their appearance in the world are disputed and apparently not genuine. We could feel that love doesn’t work, neither does peace, faith is useless, and perseverance is too much to bear. Authentically, I think we all know that humanity works a lot better when we have authentic care for one another. Give my Mom some good ingredients to cook with and she will cook a loving meal for the whole family. Peace with our brothers and sisters is something that seems natural. We belong together as we share sentiments that “your place is my place”. We are thankful to a higher power that brings us together and gives us what we have. We know who we are as a family. The spiritual fruit are genuine on our level of living.

Christ came to the world as a meek and lowly person with no power structure other than his authentic concern for the world. And of course his connection to God, which “powerful” decision-makers seem to exclude. Christ in us enables an authentic life through the spiritual fruit, even though the news media subtly suggest it isn’t possible.

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4 thoughts on “Daily Prompt: Authentic

        1. Megha, often I hold my peace rather than saying what I really feel. Such as; “some people” are in relationships, or have relationships, that are not authentic at all. They believe obedience to certain authority is the only way to maintain their “bread and butter.” Here, I hold my silence. If I judge this issue it would be unkind and cause strife, so I will defer the judgment to the One who is in a better position to judge. Mercy is best.

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